Friday, November 23, 2007

Architect Liability Insurance

Architects have always been in demand for their ability to design houses and buildings that people hold in awe. It is a highly skilled profession, where projects range in size and scope, from small office buildings to colossal sports stadiums.

However, most people can only see the bright side of architecture as a profession and do not realize that it is fraught with responsibilities. Any architectural firm may incur heavy liabilities due to the slightest error, oversight, or omission.

Such conditions require the protection of architect liability insurance for an individual architect or his/her firm. It protects professional architects in case of any legal claims that allege negligence on the part of the architect in the execution of services. At times, even when the case proves to have no validity, the legal cost involved in fighting the case can be substantial and can even leave an architect or firm reeling from the financial pressure.

Hence, architect liability insurance is a must for all architects and firms. There are various insurance and brokerage firms that offer architect liability insurance. While many of these offer the architect liability insurance as part of their other insurance packages, some others especially deal in architect liability insurance. It is a better idea to go with a brokerage or insurance firm that deals specifically with architect liability insurance, as they are knowledgeable of the field of architecture and may be open to negotiations on the premium price.

One can find information about such insurance and brokerage firms easily on the internet. However, like all types of liability insurance, it is important to first have a proper understanding of the needs from the insurance as well as what one is looking from a architect liability insurance company.

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