Monday, November 5, 2007

Goods In Transit Insurance And Public Liability - What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

Goods In Transit Insurance And Public Liability -- What Is It?

Liability Insurance stands by itself and protects your business from any dangers or risks your business could face in every day life. Liability insurance protects the third-party involve in a claim made against your company. If any claim goes to court, the damages are assessed and any compensation due to the third-party is paid. If any damage is done intentionally, your insurance company will not pay out damage costs.

Goods In Transit Insurance And Public Liability -- Why Do You Need It?

You need it to stay in business and it’s the law in Britain to have it. You can’t run a business with no risks; something always happens unexpectedly its life. Some claims can turn into millions of pounds in compensation; I don’t think you would like a bill like this propping up. If your company don’t have commercial liability insurance it could be fined heavily and it will be made to cover the costs of court claims and third-party compensation depending on the outcome of the court case.

The cost of commercial liability insurance is cheap compared to huge court cost and third-party claims made against your company or the company you work for. If you have an existing commercial insurance policy, you can ask for added cover to your policy so liability insurance is protecting you company. In any event liability insurance makes sure your business does not suffer from any financial ruin when a claim is made against it.

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